Honestly before your trip, you might know very little about things to do in Daytona Beach other than the speedway and the beach.

But there is so much more.

Daytona Beach Florida

In the space of just three days, you should find so many awesome Daytona Beach attractions, Your children will already be asking you when you could go back again. These are few of our favorite Daytona Beach things to do, but I have no doubt there are enough things to do you could easily spend a week or longer visiting.

Get started exploring of Daytona Beach for a couple hours to see dolphins and manatees swimming. The best ever adventure you’ll always remember, go around the waterways with your loved ones with the help of a guide. Easy access and the adventure is easy and family friendly, for all age and skill levels. (It is not recommended for children under 2 years). Each trip will start with a quick session showing you all the key points and giving you a chance to practice on your paddleboard and get comfortable. Some tours are limited to a maximum of 30 participants.


  • Explore the Florida waterways on a stand-up paddleboard
  • The tour’s slow pace and expert guidance make it an all-ages experience
  • The calm bay ensures you’ll feel comfortable paddling around
  • Wear comfortable clothing; water shoes are suggested but not required

Daytona Beach has a long 23 miles of beautiful beaches that run from one end to the other. We had an entire weekend and If you too have a weekend, make sure to plan to spend at least a few hours at the beach. Or better yet, plan a few hours one morning and then a few hours one afternoon later on in your trip. We also recommend you go in a comfortable and spacious Mercedes Benz Sprinter starting at only $119 (100 miles per day) or Sprinter Mini Bus or Ford SUV that will make your trip more relaxed and comfortable.


There are plenty of typical beach food of burgers, fish sandwiches and bar bites, but there is a full menu of margaritas and lots of beer. Most restaurants by the beach have a great view of the ocean, and what makes these restaurants different than most other places on Daytona Beach is the ample parking and the green grass expanse that links them together.

Planning a weekend at the Daytona beach, get your shades, sun screen, beach wear and don’t forget to book the most comfortable vehicle of your choice from Lux Van Rentals Florida.

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